Wireless Solutions

Wireless Networking (WLAN) solutions

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The Digitalmania Wireless team uses industry leading tools and techniques to assess,design and deploy both indoor and outdoor wireless networking solutions, offering 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wireless infrastructure options.

Specific services include:

  • Wireless Design which uses a combination of pre and post deployment surveys with desktop planning and design as required ensuring that customer site coverage, capacity and throughput requirements are always met.
  • Wireless Troubleshooting of existing networks which incorporates locating sources of interference or packet capture and analysis.
  • Wireless Consulting to help make the right choice of WLAN vendor based on specific end user requirements.
  • Wireless Refresh where legacy systems require upgrading to allow for today‚Äôs far more demanding and business critical use of the RF airspace.
  • Wireless Location allowing large organizations to leverage existing WLAN infrastructure to track and manage staff and assets.
  • Product Procurement, Site Survey & Site Preparation, Inventory, Staging & Configuration, Cable Infrastructure, Installation, Project Management and post-installation Support services

Digitalmania Support Services consist of onsite engineering and remote monitoring for environments demanding high availability. Digitalmania has delivered this suite of wireless services in corporate office buildings, residential communities, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, hotels, hospitals, municipal and enterprise environments.

Initial consultation and Wireless site survey

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Designing and deploying a business critical network can be a daunting task with an element of risk. This is why Digitalmania offer a variety of consultancy services to help take the risk and stress out of the design and deployment.

We can help you in defining your wireless strategy, choosing appropriate technologies, procurement, custom configuration, project management and installation. Once implemented we can provide a range of wireless support services to ensure long-term cost-effective performance of your wireless network.

Radio Frequency surveys map the landscape of your wireless network. We use specialist tools to plot how wireless signals will navigate your building or office space, taking attenuation readings to identify weak spots and interference. The surveys give us the raw data we need to design a Wi-Fi infrastructure that gives reliable, accessible coverage wherever it is needed.

Wireless network planning and design

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A successful wireless network deployment is completely dependent on the Wi-Fi planning process. Even people and filing cabinets can have a significant effect on the way your wireless access points are positioned and configured.

The plan for your Wi-Fi network will ensure that you invest no more than is necessary in your wireless technology, and that you get the secure and reliable Wi-Fi coverage you need.

Digitalmania's wireless networking solutions include the most effective Wi-Fi planning services available. Our experts draw upon long experience of wireless LAN design and installation to conduct rigorous, realistic surveys of your working environment, providing robust foundations for your Wi-Fi services.

Wireless network installation and Troubleshooting

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Our engineers are qualified to manage both cabling and wireless installations and all equipment, cabling and infrastructure will be installed and configured as specified in the site survey. Installations can also include wireless bridges to link buildings and public access solutions for staff or visitors.

Advancements in wireless security coupled with the growing demand for networks to handle larger numbers of connected wireless devices through the trend for employees to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) causes issues daily for many businesses.