Telephony Solutions

DigitalMania's Fusion 500

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Digitalmania’s Fusion500 is a complete communications service for business that provides an extensive range of fixed and wireless telephony options.

The service provides extensive business critical features, which can be implemented as a complete solution according to your organisation’s requirements, or individually to enhance and improve any existing system.

With only a minimal capital outlay required, a reliable and proven service, and a jargon free approach to telephony and communications, Digitalmania is suitable for any sized business looking to improve their productivity and most importantly to maximize the use and efficiency of previous investments in both telecoms and IT infrastructure.

Every business has its own unique way of operating and by working closely with you on a detailed consultation we can identify precisely the ideal telecoms installation solution is for your business. We then work within budget to implement a cost-effective, custom-made system that is perfectly tailored to your needs. The result is a telecoms installation that forms an integral part of your business, growing and working in perfect harmony with existing systems and architectures for years to come.

Voice-Over IP

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Currently, many businesses are thinking about and looking into Voice over IP (VoIP) PBX systems, if for no other reason than to save money over their existing or antiquated traditional phone systems.

True you can easily save upwards of 50% of your current total monthly telephone bills (including mobile bills by using VoIP), BUT you need to implement VoIP in the right way to achieve a seamless transition experience and just as importantly, to maintain call quality & reliability.

Some of the main telephony features of our VoIP service:

  • Call transfer
  • Music on hold
  • Auto attendant (IVR)
  • Speed dial
  • Call waiting
  • Voicemail
  • Message alerts
  • Hunt groups
  • Follow me
  • Conference calls

As one of early pioneers providing hosted & premise based VoIP solutions to businesses we provide secure, integrated and cost effective IP based solutions under the long established brand name Clearcallonline.

The Clearcallonline service is built around the globally recognised PortaOne suite, providing a secure, high quality and resilient carrier-grade platform.

Over the last 10 years our customers have benefited from huge cost savings and enhanced telecom features without any of the quality or reliability frustrations our competitors are known to deliver.

PBX Telephone Systems

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Deciding Between a Cloud-based and Premises-based Solution

Buying a Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system can be challenging. One critical decision that must be made is to determine which is better for your business: a premises-based solution (in which the hardware appliance is kept on-site in your ICT room), or a hosted PBX solution (where your phones connect through your Internet connection to our equipment at an off-site cloud data centre.

We work with and can assist you to make the right decision to ensure that your business needs are met and that you get the maximum possible return from your investment.

Some of the key considerations before making a final decision include upfront costs and total cost of ownership, which can be assessed based on number of employees, planned call activity; inbound, outbound, internal and even the amount of existing calls your business makes from mobiles to customers and suppliers etc.

Whilst the feature sets are similar for both options we take time to understand your requirements fully, knowing that weighing up the unique needs of your business is key to making the correct final decision.

Save 50%

on your business mobile phone bills – seamlessly allow your mobile phone to become an extension on the office PBX system

Data and Voice Cabling

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Today, high speed data and voice networks are a necessity for the majority of business organsiations. A badly designed or installed cabling infrastructure can negatively impact on the day-to-day running of the business.

Correct design and implementation of structured cabling installations will provide cost savings and allow future-proofing of your network infrastructure.

Digitalmania specialises in the design and installation of structured cabling solutions utilising Category 5e, Category 6, Category 6a, Category 7 and fibre optic cabling for data and voice networks.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers is able to make recommendations on the most suitable solution to ensure a reliable and cost-effective network infrastructure.

Whether your network has 5 or 5000 points, we are able to design and commission a network that will meet your current and future requirements.

Call Termination

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The Perfect Voice Termination Fit for Your Business

Having interconnections with over 100 tier 1 carriers and national telecoms incumbents, we provide our customers with the best VoIP services available at the most competitive rates.

A prime telecom leader in its class, Clearcallonline offers premium A-Z voice termination services to both landline and mobile destinations worldwide. From call centers and wholesale VoIP providers to small business and enterprises, Clearcallonline delivers unrivaled voice call clarity at amazingly low costs.

SIP trunking

You may not be ready to move away from your existing traditional PBX system, however we can help you to start make the transition.

Reduce your business costs, switch from ISDN to SIP Trunks.

Most legacy telephone switches are already IP enabled, allowing you to plug your internet connection straight into your system and benefit from SIP Trunks right away. With older systems that might not be IP enabled we can provide you with a gateway device which converts traditional ISDN lines to SIP. Digitalmania’s experienced engineers can recommend the right devices for your system and work with you to get it up and running.


  • Automatic diverts for business continuity
  • Geographically independent
  • Free On-net calling (SIP to SIP)
  • Run your calls over existing internet services
  • Business integration


  • Cheaper alternative to ISDN
  • You can use your existing phone system
  • Free SIP to SIP calls
  • Complete scalability
  • Future Proof